If there is more than one option available then people have to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the option so that appropriate choice can be done as per their requirement. If you are here to know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting then you are at the right place. You will be shown those finer points about these two types of hosting so that whatever confusion that you have in your mind will be cleared definitely.

Since there are no other users sharing the server of web hosting company, you have to bear the price of web server individually when you decide to have dedicated web hosting. This makes the price of dedicated servers much higher than the shared servers as in the latter case the server price is shared by people using a single server. The low cost for shared hosting option is the biggest benefit.

In opting for dedicated server for your hosting needs you have to get all the backup, maintenance and monitoring job done on your own. If you are technically strong and decide to carry on these activities on your own then you will remain very busy, not finding much of spare time. Otherwise you will have to outsource these activities to technical people. This will further increase your running cost.

In share hosting, the web host company does all the technical activities for you. Your lack of technical knowledge does not make you face any difficulty in running your website. The hosting company provides very easy set up for you to work. You don’t have to be highly technical to build your website. You are provided various tools to develop your website on your own by web host.

Unless security is a major issue for your website it is not advisable to have dedicated hosting. The running expenditure will enhance tremendously in dedicated web hosting. The shared servers are definitely better for your web hosting needs as compared to dedicated hosting. You need to have big budget for backup, maintenance, monitoring and security to settle down for dedicated server.

If you want to have your online presence for small business, personal blog or website then you don’t have to look beyond shared servers for you web hosting needs. The shared servers have an affordable and workable solution for your online presence. Smaller businesses have budgetary constrains and hence can save lots of money by sharing space on web sever. Also to make your online presence possible you don’t need to be an expert web master in case you opt for shared server. The web host will provide you various easy to use tools to assist in your website design and hosting process.

In short shared hosting is ideal for new entrants in online business. You don’t have enough to spend and not enough of technical expert to make your online presence possible. Still you will be able to host your website for people across the world to access.