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The 4 Best Razer Keyboards of 2023 Reviews

Best Razer Keyboards

Razer's product lineup is heavily focused on gaming. So if you're looking for the best Razer gaming keyboard, you've got a ton of options, from entry-level rubber dome models to premium models with proprietary optical switches. Heck, even their office-oriented models have gaming in mind. Regardless of what model you spring for, you'll get a well-built unit with extremely low latency right out of the box. Since these keyboards all work with Razer's companion software, pairing a Razer keyboard with other Razer peripherals means you only need a single piece of software to customize your setup's lighting effects and other features.

We've tested over 200 keyboards, including 24 from Razer. Below are our picks for the best Razer keyboards at different price points.


Best Razer Keyboards

  1. Best Razer Keyboard

    The Razer Huntsman V2 Analog is the best Razer keyboard we've tested. This flagship model has plenty of features designed to elevate your gaming experience. The most notable of these features is the proprietary Optical Analog switches. These switches allow you to adjust the pre-travel distance on a per-key basis, giving you control over the sensitivity of your keypresses. The switches also support an "Analog Mode." With this mode enabled, the more pressure you apply to your keypress, the more you move in-game, like a joystick on a gamepad controller. This feature is excellent for racing games, flight simulators, or for having finer movements in FPS games. The in-game experience feels very fluid and responsive with its split-millisecond latency.

    Every key has a stabilizer underneath it, so there's no wobble whatsoever, which is great as this reduces the chance of accidentally nicking a nearby key and messing up your shot. The keycaps are double-shot PBT, meaning they won't get slick over time from the build-up of finger oil. If you frequently find yourself making big, sweeping mouse movements, would prefer something a lot more compact, and don't mind missing out on media control keys, a Numpad, or arrow keys, the Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is a good alternative that uses the same proprietary Analog Optical Switches.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range Razer Keyboard

    At its core, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is a gaming keyboard dressed up for an office job. The design has a sophisticated office-friendly look, similar to the silver and chrome style of Apple peripherals, and with white-only instead of RGB backlighting. Under the hood lies a gaming powerhouse with exceptionally low latency that delivers a responsive experience for gaming after work. This versatile unit also comes with three different connection options, so you can use it wired as it charges, with up to three devices using Bluetooth, or use the specialized USB receiver, which pairs with some other Razer office peripherals. Razer advertises a battery life of over 200 hours with backlighting off when used wirelessly to last you through the work week and beyond on a fresh charge.

    Overall, it feels incredibly comfortable and pleasant to type on. It uses linear Razer Yellow switches, which are light, smooth to actuate, and quiet compared to many other mechanical switch types. The keycaps also feel great on your fingertips thanks to the soft-touch coating, which adds a bit of extra grip, which is helpful if you're prone to sweaty hands. There's a cushioned wrist rest to support your wrists throughout your day.

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  3. Best Mid-Range Razer Keyboard

    While the Razer BlackWidow V3 isn't Razer's most recent model, it's still one of the best Razer gaming keyboards in their catalog. This wired-only model offers exceptionally low latency, perfect for competitive and reaction-based games where every second counts. This keyboard has smooth and silent linear Yellow switches or satisfyingly tactile Green switches to suit your preferences. There's also an encoder knob and dedicated media keys along the top of the keyboard, so you can easily control your media directly without alt-tabbing out of games. The RGB backlighting is great for enthusiasts as it's bright, and the colors are mixed very well. You finely tune your backlighting display on a per-key basis using a range of lighting effects.

    As a full-size keyboard, it takes up a considerable amount of space on your desk, so if you have a smaller desk or are looking for as much real estate as possible for sweeping mouse movements, there's also a more compact, TenKeyLess version of this keyboard available called the Razer BlackWidow V3 TKL.

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  4. Best Budget Razer Keyboard

    If the premium options are a bit out of your price range, we recommend the Razer Huntsman Mini as a more budget-friendly choice. It uses Razer's premium Optical switches instead of standard mechanical ones, available in Clicky or Linear varieties. These switches feel like standard mechanical switches but use a beam of light to register inputs, meaning they feel very responsive. They're also incredibly light to actuate, so you won't have to press too deeply on your keys to get your shots in. You also get all the standard customization features with Razer's Synapse 3 software, like macro-programming and per-key RGB lighting effects.

    Build quality is excellent, too, though you could benefit from a wrist rest when using this keyboard for longer periods, and it doesn't come with one. It has a gaming-friendly compact size that takes up very little room on your desk, giving you plenty of room for dynamic mouse movements. However, this also means that it's far from ideal if you work with spreadsheets, data entry, or any other task that might require arrow keys or a Numberpad; you'll be better served with the pricier full-size Razer BlackWidow V3 for that kind of application.

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Compared To Other Brands

  • Tons of customization options.
    You can reprogram every key and set macros on most Razer keyboards. Many keyboards also allow you to adjust RGB lighting on a per-key basis.
  • Well-built design.
    Razer builds most of their keyboards with high-quality plastics and metal pieces. Most full-size models also come with comfortable wrist rests.
  • Available in a variety of switches.
    Razer produces different proprietary switches, meaning you can find a keyboard with your preferred option. They make standard mechanical and rubber dome switches as well as more experimental hybrid switch types, including analog switches that allow you to adjust pre-travel on a per-key basis.
  • Software not compatible on all systems.
    Razer's Synapse 3 software isn't compatible with macOS.
  • Software can feel bloated.
    While Razer's Synapse software is easy to use and provides a wide range of adjustable settings, it receives criticism for consuming a disproportionate amount of your system's resources and requiring frequent updates. Furthermore, certain settings, including custom RGB lighting, typically require the software to run in the background to function.
  • Expensive for their quality.
    Razer keyboards are a bit more expensive than keyboards from leading competitors with similar feature sets.

Razer vs Corsair

Corsair keyboards tend to use very high-end materials, and many models have higher-quality aluminum top plates, PBT keycaps, and standardized Cherry MX switches. Razer models use proprietary switches and tend to be more straightforward, with fewer bells and whistles. You won't go wrong with a model from either manufacturer, so it comes down to personal preference and the features you need for your setup. You can see our recommendations for the best Corsair keyboards here.

Razer vs SteelSeries

Compared to SteelSeries, Razer offers a wider range of options and models, with units like the Pro Type Ultra filling the productivity niche. The flagship SteelSeries lineup, the Apex Pro series, is meant to compete with Razer's flagship Huntsman lineup. These keyboard families feature boards with an adjustable pre-travel distance feature and multi-input customization. The SteelSeries boards have a more consistent and accurate implementation of these features. In contrast, the Razer Huntsman Analog boards have an "Analog Mode" that gives you finer control over your in-game movements as the keyboards can emulate joystick controls.

Razer vs Logitech

Razer has a comparatively narrow range of products compared to Logitech, a major worldwide manufacturer of keyboards for gaming and office use. Logitech's keyboard products come in a wide range of switches, including membrane, scissor, and mechanical, while Razer units typically employ membrane or mechanical switches. However, Razer utilizes more technologically advanced optical-mechanical switches on some of their higher-end models. As Razer products are designed for gaming use, they often have better latency, RGB implementation, and customization over Logitech. Check out our recommendations for the best Logitech keyboards here.

Razer makes a good range of wired and wireless models designed in different form factors, almost entirely intended primarily for gaming use. Their models are well-built and have extremely low latency, delivering extremely responsive in-game performance. However, they typically have fewer extra hardware features and can be pricier than similar keyboards from other gaming brands. As a plus, they use proprietary switches, which are optimized for fast-paced gaming. Most of their keyboards also come in various sizes with various switch types, so you can find a configuration that suits your needs and preferences.


Huntsman: The Huntsman series are premium gaming keyboards for enthusiasts and competitive players. Wired and wireless versions are available with optical or analog optical switches in either full-size, TKL, or 60% Compact form factors.

BlackWidow: Razer's BlackWidow keyboards are straightforward mid-range to upper mid-range mechanical gaming models. They are available with linear or tactile switch options, as wired or wireless models, and in full-size or TKL form factors.

Deathstalker: The Deathstalker series of keyboards are high-end, low-profile options much slimmer than standard mechanical gaming keyboards. This lineup currently features wired or wireless variants in a full-size or TKL form factor.

Ornata: Razer's Ornata keyboards are budget or cheaper models that use hybrid 'mecha-mechanical' switches, which are membrane switches that mimic the feel of mechanical switches. These are great choices for casual gaming but don't offer the same gaming performance as higher-priced options from Razer. Furthermore, the most recent models in this lineup have full RGB zone lighting, but you can't adjust the lighting on a per-key basis as you can with Razer's more expensive models, and the included wrist rest is made of plastic rather than memory foam.

Pro Type: The Pro Type series of keyboards are productivity-focused between a mid-range and upper mid-range price point. These keyboards include more productivity features, office-friendly aesthetics, Bluetooth connectivity, and support for multi-device pairing. These keyboards also place a greater emphasis on ergonomics and typing quality but have minimal customizability in terms of lighting and are only available in a full-size form factor.

Recent Updates

  1. Aug 11, 2023: We've verified all our picks for price, stock availability, and relevance but haven't made any changes to our lineup with this update.

  2. May 16, 2023: Replaced Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition with Razer Huntsman Mini as 'Best Budget Razer Keyboard'.

  3. Feb 15, 2023: We've added a new section to this article outlining Razer's current keyboard lineups. We've also refreshed our text in various places. However, we haven't made any changes to our recommendations, as all picks remain the best options at their price points.

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  5. Aug 19, 2022: Re-organized the picks to better align with user expectations; added the BlackWidow V3 as the 'Best Mid-Range' pick; updated the intro and Compared To text for accuracy.


Razer offers a wide range of keyboards with outstanding gaming performance. Their keyboards have excellent build quality and come in a wide range of switches to suit your preferences, but they can be pricey, especially immediately following their launch. Given the variety of Razer's offerings, you will likely find a keyboard that suits your needs and budget.

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